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Configuring the Right Working Space for You

Have you been trying to determine how much working space you might need and what it might look like? If so, you’ve most likely already learned that there is a wide variety of calculators – anddissent about those calculations – available, especially online. All you need to do is search things like “average working space per employee” to see the options (and the range) that come up in the results. 

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Why Startups Are Moving to Coworking Spaces

Some of the best characters in literature and film have a tremendous origin story – something they have in common with great startups: Most of us have heard the (somewhat accurate) story about how Apple, for example, humbly began in a garage, or how “The Facebook” concept began in the dorms of Harvard University. Now, coworking spaces have become the preferred home base for startups like Uber, Instagram, and a variety of other fledgling and successful small businesses – not bad company! If you’re a startup in search of office space or are looking into the kind of office rental space that startup companies thrive in, Venture X Charlotte-The Refinery might just be the place for you.

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Eight Benefits of Our Collaborative Working Space

There are many benefits beyond cost savings when you join a collaborative working space. These coworking spaces are designed to bring together a diverse group of professional businesspeople in one location and offer economies of scale. If you are interested in joining one, you might want to consider the value you’ll get from your investment and what you will gain by your decision to make the move.

AtVenture X Charlotte-The Refinery, we can ensure that when you choose one of themembership options in our shared space, you will enjoy all the benefits our collaborative workspaces provide like: 

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Coworking Space Best Practices

At Venture X Charlotte-The Refinery, we have everything you need and more when it comes to your coworking and shared office needs, including coworking space best practices. We offer a variety of memberships, from private offices for everyday use to dedicated desks for use as you need them, as well as conference and meeting rooms available on demand. We are located in a modern designed space with an industrial loft design, high ceilings, and even offers a roof deck with spectacular views of the Charlotte skyline. We are easily accessible and offer many on-site and nearby amenities that will make work-life balance a breeze.

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The Benefits of Community Membership and Anywhere Coworking

Are you a startup looking for a verifiable, professional Class A business address? Or maybe a company with remote workers who are concentrated in several cities or all over? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur looking for a home base that isn’t your actual home and a community membership for intermittent networking and collaboration? If any of these sound like you, or you’re a hybrid or home worker who needs a place to conduct professional business meetings in an office location or just a place to work that isn’t within the same four walls you live in, atVenture X Charlotte-The Refinery we have a solution for you – and a lot more. 

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